Seeing the world one day and one mile at a time...tag along.
*All images that are on this website have been taken by myself, unless otherwise stated.
  1. Old Bell Tower
    Old Bell Tower
  2. La Zagara Two
    La Zagara Two
  3. La Zagara
    La Zagara
  4. Gold Flower
    Gold Flower
  5. Alley
  6. Trunk
  7. Pottery
  8. Prickly Pear
    Prickly Pear
  9. View From the Top
    View From the Top
  10. Busy Street
    Busy Street
  11. Eastern Coast
    Eastern Coast
  12. Through the Arch
    Through the Arch
  13. Grand Hotel Timeo
    Grand Hotel Timeo
  14. A Little Wine
    A Little Wine
  15. Olive Branch
    Olive Branch